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Why "Live to Love?"


After Paige's death, communication with our other two children was typical of today’s young adults. Texting seemed the only option, as their pain was so real and talking on the phone was rare.


One day as I was signing my text, I signed the usual, “Love, Mom.” Yet it was shallow and the word “love” did not seem to say what I really was trying to express. “Love, Mom” did not express what I had learned through Paige’s death. The term could not define my empowered affection for my other two children since losing Paige. “Love, Mom” was not enough.


I stopped and erased what I considered a shallow citation, and replaced it with, “I live to love you, Mom.” A warm feeling embraced me, and I knew at that moment, that was enough.


Months later, my Lord and Savior called upon me to share this beautiful story of hope, love and forgiveness with others.  A couple of weeks went by, as I was laboring over a name for my ministry when a small voice inside me said, “Live to Love Ministries.”  That was enough. Live to Love Ministries it is!


I live to love in the name of Jesus,







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