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Remember What Grief Is

Grief is painful – The pain of losing someone you cared about, who played an important role in your life, is very hard to describe. It feels like we are all alone in our pain, but as we go through the grief process, we learn that others have been through similar pain.


Grief is natural – It is an emotional response to the loss of someone important to us. Everyone grieves. Everyone loses people and things they care about, at some time in their lives. Right now, this does not matter to you; you are concerned with your own pain, and that is as it should be.


Grief is a process – Like any process, grief takes time to work through it. In addition, grief cannot be hurried. While you feel that you cannot stand this pain, you can get through this in time. However, it takes some people more time than others. All grief is different, so do not compare yourself to others. In any case, your grief will eventually become a bearable walk through life, so take all the time you need.


Grief is healing – Grief is a painful, natural healing process. If we treat it as a natural process, then we are more likely to come through feeling stronger. If we treat grief as unnatural, as a “disease,” then we are likely to try to “overcome” grief by overmedicating, overworking, overeating or overdoing in some other way. Because it is a natural process, grief must be allowed to work itself out.


Remember - Jesus wept too and He knows that grieving is NOT a sign of weakness, it is the price of love.


Exerpted from "7 Things to Remember When Someone You Love Has Died"

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